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Andrew Myers

Andrew guides the vision and product at Satoshi Energy. Prior to Satoshi Energy, he led the development of software and data science products as a consultant for Fortune 500 energy and financial services companies.

He has been a Bitcoiner since 2014 with the idea that 24/7 power markets will benefit from 24/7 financial settlement. He earned a Masters of Environmental Management with an Energy Concentration and Masters of Engineering Management from Duke University and a B.E. in Multidisciplinary Engineering with concentrations in Energy and Acoustics from Purdue University in his home state of Indiana.

Brock Petersen

Brock applies his technical and energy market background to guide the strategy and execution at Satoshi Energy. Prior to Satoshi Energy, he led the design of grid optimization products at now public Smart Wires and developed machine learning solutions to optimize energy use in data centers at Vigilant.

He loves working with global teams to solve complex global problems, which is exactly what he does every day at Satoshi Energy. He earned an M.S. in Energy Engineering from Stanford University and a B.E. in Civil Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

Chris Gifford

Chris contributes his 20+ years of engineering, finance, and risk experience to lead data science and modeling at Satoshi Energy. Uncovering market insights and profitability for energy infrastructure projects is his specialty and he is sometimes referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" of Satoshi Energy, despite him being from England.

When he isn't calculating, aggregating, and visualizing data, he is measuring his speed on his motorcycle, calculating his depth profile while SCUBA diving, and counting how lucky he is to be building global energy markets with the Satoshi Energy team. He earned a MEng degree from Oxford University and a MBA with distinction from INSEAD. He is not quite a know-it-all because he is still learning about Bitcoin

Patrick Nash

Patrick leads project development in existing markets, including ERCOT, at Satoshi Energy. He is an engineer who specializes in business development and project management for the energy industry. While possessing a technical background, Patrick's true passion is for building relationships and connecting with people. Before joining Satoshi Energy, Patrick was an Independent Mining Consultant for Stanford Energy Consulting.

He advised energy producers on bitcoin mining and assisted bitcoin miners in locating new data center properties. Patrick is an active member of the Texas Blockchain Council and participates in their Committee for Mining and Energy. He earned a B.S. in Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M and a Blockchain Technologies Certificate from MIT Sloan. Patrick is currently pursuing an MBA from Texas A&M, focusing on energy, finance, and Bitcoin.

Bob McElrath

Bob is a key strategic and technical advisor to Satoshi Energy. He decided one legacy was not enough and after a successful career in physics as a CERN fellow he became a key contributor to the bitcoin ecosystem. He led bitcoin custody architecture and mining operations at Fidelity Digital Assets and has been a contributor to the Bitcoin Core protocol.

Gunar Gessner

Gunar is a technological generalist. At Satoshi Energy, he leads all things software—infrastructure, back-end, front-end, data engineering, and bitcoin/LN programming.  For 10 years he's been building software for US and UK startups.

Previously, he was the CPO at Invisible Technologies, where he built proprietary coordination software powering a digital marketplace for virtual assistants, employing 200+ independent contractors and generating $2.8M ARR. Gunar believes that Bitcoin will allow each and every human being to retain freedom of association.

Ashley Rust

Ashley sits at the intersection of several mission-critical business functions and leverages her analytical experiences to support the Company’s next phase of growth. Ashley manages strategic initiatives with ease and a focus on constant improvement and optimization. Her colleagues love working with her because of her high energy and a passion for people. Ashley brings 15 years of financial services experience working with a wide array of companies, including development stage, growth, and late-staged enterprises.

Most recently, Ashley was a Reporting & Proposal Analyst at First Infrastructure Capital Advisors. Prior to First Infrastructure, Ashley spent 10 years at Psilos Group, a New York-based Venture Capital company. Ashley has worked alongside C-Level executives, board of directors, and global institutional investors. Ashley graduated from The University of Mississippi with a degree in Business and Creative Arts.

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